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Over the course of the semester you will work together with your colleagues to create a portfolio of effective and appropriate collaborative teaching and learning environments. These environments will make use of the social networking tools we will explore and evaluate this semester. You will also want to include those tools you will find as you listen to podcasts, read blogs and research sites. We will use our course wiki to organize and disseminate our work. On the wiki you’ll find some general categories listed already under ‘Navigation’ that reference our course content. Together, you will create entries for each of these categories and create additional categories and/or subcategories as you deem necessary.

Each wiki entry will be comprised of the following:

1. Background and description of the tool in question
2. A pedagogical rationale for the use of these tools
3. Suggested course applications

Total points possible for your work on this wiki: 100 points.

(Average=70, Good=80, Very Good=90, Excellent=100)

Your individual wiki contributions will be evaluated using the following criteria:

1. (5 points) Lead creator of at least one main topic listed in our class wiki
2. (10 points) Co-contributor to at least four of any of the topics listed under the navigation menu. Item #3 under ‘Quality’ below are examples of the kinds of contributions you should be making.
3. (15 points) Minimum of two pedagogical rationales and two suggested course applications in total for listed resources in the wiki (e.g., you can add pedagogical rationales and/or suggested course applications as a contributor to others’ topics. These will count as co-contributions). Please be sure to use the ‘edit note’ dialog box to note that you are adding a rationale or suggested application to the page in question.


1. (20 points) A variety of information from appropriate sources is incorporated and relevant material carefully selected. A range of Web 2.0 tools appropriate for the teaching and learning of language and culture are explored. All references to readings, web sites, videos, or any other external materials are cited appropriately and, if possible, linked.

2. (20 points) Your wiki has a well-written introduction and an effectively structured progression of topics. The content reflects a systematic synthesis of information, interpretation and application. Your wiki successfully explores social networking tools and their impact on the teaching and learning of language and culture.

3. (15 points) You show evidence of regular contributions to the wiki. This includes all of the following: adding text, proof reading and revising sections of text, adding multimedia and other resources, page organization and management.

4. (10 points) The information on the wiki page is effectively organized so that it is easily understood and visually appealing. Graphics are relevant, explained and support the written text. Hyperlinks and other hypermedia aid understanding and add interest to the topic. The presentation of information is objective, balanced and free of bias (e.g. age, culture, gender, race), and images and icons are used sensitively.

5. (5 points) Each page includes tags that appropriately reflect the content of the post so that outside readers can easily find your information.

Sources for Wiki Rubric:

Horizon Project Rubric Assessment

ClassWiki: Culturas de España


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