About the Bloggers—Fall 2008

Wen-ling Tung is a PhD student in the Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies Program at the Univeristy of Connecticut. Before studying in America, she received her MA in National Sun-Yat-Sun UNiversity in Taiwan and has taught at Lan-Yang Institute of Technology in Taiwan for 16 years. She is interested in Asia Philosophy, American Modern Poetry and British Romanticism.

Chantal Berthet is a PhD student in the Spanish Department at the University of Connecticut. Also she holds a Master of Arts in Spanish from Portland State University (Oregon). She received a B.A. in Early Childhood Education from Universidad del Salvador (Argentina). She has been teaching language for four years and she is currently working with women writers of Spanish American Modernismo. You can check out the wiki created with Alfonso Varona as one of the tools learned in this class.

Barbara Lindsey has directed the Multimedia Language Center at the University of Connecticut since 1996 and given presentations and workshops on Internet-based language instruction at the state and national level. She has twelve years experience teaching German language and literature at the university level, and for the private business sector as well as after school enrichment programs. She has served as project director on three federally funded grants and is a past president of the Connecticut Council of Language Teachers (2004-2006).

Nicole McClure is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literary & Cultural Studies at the University of Connecticut. She received a B.H. from Penn State with a concentration in film and journalism. Nicole worked as a newspaper editor for four years before attending UConn to work on her master’s degree in Comparative Literature. She is currently working on Irish cinema and adaptation and the revisioning of minority groups. Additionally, she is pursuing a Certificate in Human Rights and a Certificate in College Level Instruction. Nicole is originally from Harrisburg, PA and moved to Connecticut about 8 years ago.

Joshua King is a graduate student in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at the University of Connecticut.

Jessie McBride is a PhD student in French Literature at the University of Connecticut. She grew up in Portland, ME before moving to New York State, then to Connecticut. She received her B.A. from Skidmore College in 2005 and her M.A. from UCONN in 2007. Her research interests include 20th century Quebecois literature and Quebecois theatre. Feel free to check out her students’ new blog inspired by this Beyond WebCT class.

Wessam Ibrahim is a Fulbright scholar at the University of Connecticut. He received his B.A. back home in Egypt in teaching English as a foreign language in 2006 from the faculty of Education. He came to to the U.S in August 2008 to teach Arabic at the University of Connecticut. He wants to apply for a PhD program in the field of applied linguists which he is interested in.

Nicolas Hidrio is a MA student in French Literature at the University of Connecticut. He has taught French for 2 years at the college level and 2 years in UK middle schools. He is particularly interested in History, Cinema and cultural exchange in general.


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