Digital Storytelling

20,000 Year Old Cave Painting: Hyena

Photo Credit: 20,000 Year Old Cave Paintings: Hyena

Storytelling is a unique and universal human need. Our stories help us make sense of our world, help us identify as members of a group and help us navigate the stages of our physical and emotional lives. Films today, one could argue, address the same primal needs as cave drawings did thousands of years ago.

This week we’ll look at some digital storytelling formats and how we might use them to engage and support our learners. In light of this week’s readings, what kinds of storytelling have you used with your students and why and how have you used them?

We’ll also be participating this Thursday in the Campus Technology session: Facilitating Social Interactions: Measuring Engagement and Promoting Academic Success within the LMS with Stephen Downes, Colin Beer and Lou Pugliese and moderated by Linda Briggs. You will need to register for the session in advance. I look forward to your reflections on your experiences with this webinar.

As part of our work together in our Friday session we will engage in a jigsaw puzzle activity for pecha kucha, google maps and one other tool of your choosing.

Next Thursday we will be attending the Top 10 Internet Resources for School Leaders session in LearnCentral. It will be at 6 p.m. EST time.


2 Responses to “Digital Storytelling”

  1. Karen Zook Says:

    I just wanted to share this link:

    TSTT Navigation Device

    This is how we’ve been using Google Maps as part of the online activity for the Latin class. As part of the homework, the students are “role playing” a character and have to navigate ancient Pompeii to perform different tasks. This allows them to really be immersed in the world!

  2. aljarrash Says:

    A story is not only to enjoy or for entertainment,but it has a powerful form and educational purpose by which we make a sense of the world and our experience.There are certain conditions that the story should have to be good for teaching .
    Story must be about information,thoughts and facts that can help achieving goals ,and by which students are not getting distracted.These information and facts should be in amount in which students can get a benefit from and not to go with the story to think of something so far.Teachers shouldn’t use story in class needs not a story and if it needs ,the story must fit the students level of understanding and their ages.
    A digital storytelling is a new term for a story that is told to the audience by using a computer or any other technology tool.It has so many benefits for students .It is a meaningful way for students to learn through new technology and allows students to share their work with a huge number of unseen and unheard people in and out side the classroom.It encourages a collaborative learning-students problem solve and motivates them to relate their interests and personal experience .
    With the digital storytelling ,students take part in a range of learning style as it offers a lot of resources for them.
    We notice the interest students have when watching a movie on youtube in the class about a story of something .I use a digital storytelling in the class the time I feel my students are getting bored of regular lecturing .I think it helps even to make students remember more about what was studied.

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