Mashups and Virtual Worlds

Educational Uses of Second Life by MaryAnnCLT. 7 minutes.

For our last class session we explore, albeit only superficially, the pedagogical potential of immersive environments made possible through mashups and virtual worlds. Indeed, one of our very own faculty members, Roger Travis, has made online multiplayer virtual games an integral part of his curriculum and research.

According to Brian Lamb, many universities respond to these rapid innovations in content sharing by retreating behind wall gardens. In the Power of the Mashup, educators like Burg and Fagg have a different take on content sharing. In my own explorations, with the notable exception of faculty like Roger Travis, I find that it is our K-12 colleagues who embrace these mediated environments for teaching and learning and wonder why that is so. Is it our training? Our institutions? Our research focus?

During class we’ll have the opportunity to share our individual class projects and review our course wiki. Before we part ways for the semester, I’d like you to consider the following vision of our future. In my own clumsy remix of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, I wonder which Christmas spirit will shape the soul of our institutions of higher ed in response to these innovations?

Air tagging device “Sekai Camera”


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