How are you using Beyond WebCT?

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While our course ended in December, we decided, as a group, to share our content through a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. We would love to hear how you are using the content here–whether it is our blog postings, our blog roll, our course wiki or our syllabus. So feel free to use our resources and please send a comment our way so that we can keep the conversation going and learn from each other!

Take a look at the post-secondary winner of the ACTFL Discover Languages Video Podcast!

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One Response to “How are you using Beyond WebCT?”

  1. alfonsovarona Says:

    I am referring to the article by Michael Jensen, which you can acces in the session 5 of the syllabus. The thing is, I took this beyond WebCT course, and we discussed what the future was (if any) of written journals available only through subscription. Well, my speciality is latin american theater, and one of the best journals, Latin American Theater Review (LATR) is now available only for everybody, but for the last five years. This journal was created in 1967, and if you think about it, the information now released is invaluable for any theater researcher, or any person interested to know more about this genre.

    One step further is being taken by new journals, this time directly created online. This is the case of Karpa (Dissident Theatricalities, Visual Arts and Culture) and includes video clips. Check out the first issue—this is a great new journal about Performance Art. I can not describe how in a field like theater, the help of having a visual sample (if one picture is worth a thousand word, a scholarly journal with a video clip is worth much more).

    So the future of journals is here, earlier than we tought. By the way, these 2 journals that I commented on are written in both English and Spanish. I hope I am spreading the word, which is the point of all these new tools (not new for the new generation: for them is the only way of doing things).

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